Making grade 12 university English a requirement to get into a university program is a very debatable topic. There are positive and negative effects for making it a requirement, but also for not making it a mandatory.

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Students studying in a university library

I believe that grade 12 university English should be a requirement for all university programs. There are various reasons why I believe that it should be a requirement. For example, the skills learned in grade 12 English may be useful in both the university program, but also may be useful in the workplace environment after university. Also, not being able to effectively and correctly communicate ideas to the professor of the program may negatively affect the student’s potential success.

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A university chemistry laboratory

Yes, it is true that many writing skills will be taught in grade 12 university English, but where will those skills be used? In most science related programs, formal labs will have to be written. These formal labs include a lot of writing, and may take up hundreds of pages. If these labs are not written with clarity the professor may deduct a fair amount of marks as the important ideas have not been successfully communicated.

Image result for university textbook
Textbooks used in various university programs

Reading skills are also developed upon in grade 12 university English. Many programs require large very texts to be read and understood. Grade 12 university English will help students be able to comprehend advanced texts, and help them be able to take out the key ideas in large texts. These skills will not only be useful in university, but they will be useful in the work environment.



Image result for student talking to professor
A student talking to her professor

Oral skills are also learned by taking grade 12 university English. This can include listening skills, and those are very important. Someone may give specific instructions to a student in university, or a professional in a workplace, and if they do not follow those instructions the outcome will only have a negative effect. Oral skills also include talking to others. In university, and in the workplace people will have to talk to each other, and these conversations must be both professional, and clear.

If this was made a requirement, then the universities would not see as many issues with communication skills between the professors and students (reading, oral, and written). This ultimately will increase the success rate for the universities, which is good for them, but less people failing also means that less people are wasting their money on the programs by not succeeding.


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